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Cinema by Design

Movie LOVE. Poster LOVE. Watch, create, repeat.

Yummy in the tummy.

Friends, frustrated when a word doodle just, well, ISN'T enough? There are so few options! By now, of course, it's well known that the most popular alternative of finding a president on the side of the road and giving em a good old fashioned democracy kick and giggle, can land ya in prison. Natch. Ha, ha ah.


Doctors are now recommending the 'movie poster doodle'! What? It's chic and elegant? Doctors say, 'You'll love this doodle!' Do tell!


The patented process is so simple! A donut could do it! (Sprinkle me, baby!)


Just: watch a movie you love or a new movie you may COME to love (tricky) and then use the graphic design/artistic tools of your choice to fashion a fitting symbolical representation of that film without worrying about the actual four quadrant marketing value of the poster in question. 

You know MY IRON CLAD STEEL guarantee I would never market a product I don't use myself. And I can proudly say: "The poster doodle changed my life!"

Try it today!!!

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