A.D. 2017

Blimey, I's enjoys a bit of the old wink, wink, nudge nudge penmanship I's does.  (In the key of D minor sing along):


Give a verb or a noun a place all their own, to nuzzle and roam, ah the glory! Glory! (Repeat 2x) 

Set em all free, those words that ye see- And ya mind, safe to declare, will thank ya, thank YA! Oh dear! It's cheaper than therapyyyyy! (dependingonthestateofhealthcareinyourneckofthewoodsyoumayfindqualitytherapyandmedicationmaybeaffordableandavailablebutmaybeNOTstillmentalhealthissogermaintogoodcreativeworkOKbacktothetheSINGalong)

(Repeat 1x)

A screenplay,  a novel or just a bookmark, dash em all out, without messin' about, WHEN YA FEEL BLUE, here's what you do: Grab a bit o' the green, sail within, then hop to keyboard, a pizza receipt, a lined bit of clapboard, even A NAPKIN


fear not punctuation, dat an EDITORS mad fixation, without self-critique-in', get to laughin' and weepin', fightin' and double dealin', smugglin' and (totally consensual) kiss stealin' it's that grand glory, madness so horny and gay, its the story within!

That's living I say! OOOO KKKK!

(Repeat x∞)